The basics:

The Cryptic Co is a Hudson Valley-based, Web3-focused creative agency. While our North Star is our community of neighbors here in upstate NY, our projects aim for positive social impact that can enrich and help build communities worldwide.

This is by design, as so many of our friends with whom we collaborate and create come from a wide range of cultures and places beyond our own backyard. Through exhibitions in our physical gallery here in Poughkeepsie and arts-based programs throughout the local community, at international conferences and events, and through immersive AR/VR experiences, we leverage innovation as a public service.

Our story:

Our venture into NFTs originates from the mural art shows we’ve produced, which we wanted to bring to life through 2D animation. This soon gave way to 3D environments. And we began to see more clearly where art, immersive storytelling and social good could intersect; artists create visual narratives that add beauty and character to public spaces, and the work goes on to live forever and gain value on the Blockchain.

Current projects and upcoming drops include:

– a collection of recipe and ingredient-based NFTs

– a collection of NFT hip hop beat packs

– an Afro-futuristic sci-fi book NFT collection

Yes, they are often long and they are always enlightening, but at the end of any given day we are driven by tireless curiosity and a deep need to do some good for those around us.

We’re growing. We design and develop, and the best thing we build is value.